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Vigil of Hope - November - Month of Remembrance
We are asking everyone to light a candle and pray with family, friends, their local prayer group, community etc to pray throughout or anytime during the month of November for Ireland . We are also asking people to pray for Savita Halappanavar, her husband, unborn child and family. We would like people to pray for all the departed especially those who have died in tragic circumstances such as childbirth, abortion, suicide or accidents. We also pray for the protection of all pregnant mothers and their unborn children.

Finally, we would like you to pray for the government at this difficult time to guide them to make decisions in the best interest of all during these difficult and challenging times.

"St. Patrick saw the whole of Ireland lit up with the brightest rays of Divine Faith. This continued for centuries, and then clouds gathered around the devoted island, and, little by little, the religious glory faded away, until, in the course of centuries, it was only in the remotest valleys that some glimmer of its light remained. St. Patrick prayed that the light would never be extinguished, and, as he prayed, the angel came to him and said: "Fear not: your apostolate shall never cease." As he thus prayed, the glimmering light grew in brightness, and ceased not until once more all the hills and valleys of Ireland were lit up in their pristine splendour, and then the angel announced to St. Patrick: "Such shall be the abiding splendour of Divine truth in Ireland."

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