Ireland Stand Up
Vatican Embassy to reopen

On 3rd November 2011 Villa Spada, Ireland's Vatican Embassy, was closed on the basis of
'no economic return'. The closure resulted in the status of diplomatic relations between Ireland,
a Catholic country, and the Holy See being downgraded to non-resident status on par with Armenia, Fiji, Malaysia and Ethiopia. Many believe the closure was ideological and part of a wider secular agenda. The secular agenda seeks to remove the status of the Vatican as an independent state, to legalise abortion and euthanasia, to redefine marriage, to undermine faith schools and ultimately religious freedom.

The closure of Villa Spada, our Embassy to the Holy See, offends Ireland's Catholic faithful. It shows grave disregard for the 1500 years of unique history forged between Ireland and Rome and is disrespectful to Our Holy Father Pope Francis, Peter's successor and Vicar of Christ, leader of 1.2 billion Catholics.

'There is a time to be on one's knees.
There is also a time when we need to stand, to stand up'
Cardinal Wuerl Washington DC 24th June 2012

As constituents we request that our public representatives

  • Reinstate Villa Spada as Ireland's Embassy to the Holy See
  • Extend a formal state invite to Pope Francis to visit Ireland and
  • Respect our Christian faith and heritage.
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This initiative is entrusted to Our Lady of Knock, Queen of Ireland.